Planning your perfect home wedding

A home wedding is perfect for a couple that don’t mind bucking conventional wedding ideas. The appeal and intimacy of such weddings is hard to resist, especially for those who prefer a personal ceremony to a more extravagant affair. These weddings can be tailored to suit the couple’s budget, style and personality, leading to a remarkable day that will be enjoyed by everyone attending.

It is important to note that the actual wedding ceremony, whether religious or civil in nature, has to be performed at a licensed venue. Advice will need to be sought on this point from the Registrar of the district or the local representative of the religious denomination to which the couple belong.

While home weddings are a good idea for some couples, they are somewhat demanding and entail lots of planning and organization to pull off successfully. It’s wise to start tackling tasks early to avoid being exhausted and stressed as the day approaches.

There are some key things the couple should keep in mind when planning a home wedding.

The venue

The house needs to be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate all guests, entertainers and caterers. If it is not then a marquee will need to be hired so that guests can eat in comfort and will be out of the elements should the weather turn nasty. There should also be enough parking spaces at the venue or arrangements will need to be made somewhere nearby.

Since the garden will be on display during the wedding, it needs to be in top form. This will necessitate some landscaping and manicuring. Additionally, flowers should be planted early enough so that they will be in full bloom on the wedding day.

It is also prudent to let the neighbours know about the wedding in advance to avoid any inconvenience.  A neighbour who might object to loud music or the road being obstructed due to parked cars is best invited to the wedding to avoid any unpleasantness on the day.

Furnishing, decor and other essentials

The bride and groom might have to rent most items, including tables, chairs, table linen, dinnerware, glassware, a movable dance floor, perhaps a portable toilet and a generator, among other items. Some creativity will be required to fit everything in the available space. For instance, small cake stands may be arranged on a circular glass dining table to create a beautiful visual effect while DIY projects can add a personal touch to the wedding decor.


The wedding caterer needs to check out the kitchen before the big day to ensure it’s well equipped and large enough to prepare everything on the menu. Alternatively, the couple can employ an outside caterer to prepare all the food at their business premises and then bring it to the house to serve.


Wedding photographs provide priceless memories that will last a lifetime. For this reason, only the best wedding photographers should be entrusted with this very important task. Carl O’Connell is regarded as being a master of the art of wedding photography. He will unobtrusively blend in with the guests to capture the special moments that mean so much on a wedding day. He works together with a team of professional videographers to ensure the couple will have outstanding photographs and memories of their favourite moments.


Booking the right entertainment can transform a special wedding into a spectacular one. While the choice of type of music rests with the bride and groom, they should ensure that there is something suitable to keep everyone on the dance floor.


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