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January 2nd, 2014

Getting married can be an expensive business and in these straitened times many people are looking to get hitched without incurring huge debts or spending large amounts of money. Even in those circumstances it is possible to have a delightful wedding. All that is required is some careful planning and being prepared to do a lot of the work rather than employing people. By enlisting the help of family and friends a wedding can still be celebrated in real style.

If money is not such a problem the restraints are removed and a really stylish wedding can be planned.

The venue

To cut down on the need to make a bland and boring reception room look interesting and individualistic, choose a wedding reception venue that has plenty of character and interest of its own. For example, many historic houses (including National Trust) hire out part of their properties for weddings and other big events, and these provide a fantastic backdrop, especially when it comes to having the all-important wedding photographs taken. Other likely venues could include a botanical garden, a tourist attraction or even a zoo.

Doing away with the one size fits all wedding

Hiring a wedding planner can result in a couple’s wedding looking and feeling the same as all the weddings before and after it if everything is left to the company. If a planner is used the overall design and feel of the wedding should be established early on to ensure that you get what you want.

This is best achieved with the adoption of a set theme for the wedding. This can come down to a particular font to be used on all the invitations, name cards and other stationery items. It would also be the use of a special colour for the tablecloths and matching flowers. Larger scale themes could be extended to the use of costume for the guests – for example, a reception like a Venetian Masquerade Ball.

Bringing luxury into the proceedings

When it comes to seating, ring the changes with eye-catching chairs at the top table for the couple and their family, and standard seats for the guests. Or just tie pretty flower bouquets onto the rear of seats reserved for the bride and groom to make them stand out from the rest.

Have silver service with the waiters wearing white gloves when they serve the food and hand out drinks. This is particularly effective when a standard wedding breakfast buffet is changed to waiters serving hors d’oeuvres on trays, as this creates a far more elegant look yet probably costs the same. A guaranteed way to add class to the wedding reception, or indeed any special event or celebration, is to serve drinks in crystal wine glasses, rather than ordinary wine glasses, or heaven forbid, plastic cups.


One way to deliver a luxury, high impact look at the reception is to create stunning centrepieces for the guest tables. These could include vases filled with flowers that tie in with the reception’s main colour theme, or for a more natural look, could be made up of wild flowers or simple greenery. Rather than a vase, use instead a wireframe birdcage or glass bowls.

Generally there are certain aspects of a wedding that are needed to create style and elegance and lasting happy memories for everyone. Guests enjoy and remember a wedding for all sorts of reasons. The quality of the food, the venue, etc. To preserve those memories it is a sound investment to use a professional wedding photographer to create a permanent reminder of that very special day.

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